FTL Hackathon - COVID 19 and Global Impacts

To make some worthwhile contribution of my data science skills in the present COVID-19 global pandemic crisis, I participated in this Female Tech Leaders (FTL) Hackathon. The theme of this hackathon was to look at “COVID19 and its Global Effects”. We had to select team members impromptu and come up with a project story.

Link to Certificate of Participation

The title of our project was:

In this project, we performed sentiment score analysis of tweets containing various hashtags related to COVID 19, lockdown announcements and other stock market related labels and analyze its impact on Dow Jones Industrial (DJI) stock index. The tweets were acquired in real time using tweepy API, sentiment analysis was performed using nltk library and the resulting data analytics results were stored in Google Sheets using a python script. We also show interactive data visualizations of the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world (eg: GIS Choropleth plots) and other interesting plots for the twitter data analytics. I was responsible for most of the data visualizations and also did some minor data analytics, NLP work.

My contributions to this project and all implementation works have been uploaded in this Git Repository of my team mate: https://github.com/maha-93/COVID19