CycleGANs for simulated data synthesis

CycleGANs were used to synthesize new data from simulated data with lab test data distribution characteristics to address the sparse lab test data issue in my master thesis project

Physics Informed Neural Network

As part of my master thesis project, we developed our own novel architecture Hybrid Physics Informed Neural Network which works in tandem with a physics based flow solver to predict flowrates.

Uncertainty Measures with Bayesian Neural Networks

Bayesian Neural Network architectures MC Dropout and Bayesian Ensembling were used to quantify uncertainties in the restrictor predictions of the cabin air distribution system in my master thesis project.

ML for Air Traffic Management

Machine Learning works to optimize Air Traffic Management done for the 2-day ADS-B Hackathon at Toulouse

Tableau Story - US Flight Data Analysis

This was the Final Project of the Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree. Here I created a data visualization dashboard using Tableau for US Flight Data. Read More

EDA in R

In this project, I used R to apply Exploratory Data Analysis techniques on the Prosper Loans Dataset. You can view the .rmd file containing the code in this Git Repo.

Data Wrangling

This project was part of the Data Wrangling chapter of the Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree program and is primarily focused on wrangling data from the WeRateDogs Twitter account using Python.

Vehicle Traffic Analysis for Smart Street Lighting

A Data Visualization dashboard created using bokeh for Smart City Visualization, a Media Arts and Design Project at HBK Saar.

Deep Learning

These projects were completed as part of the Udacity Deep Learning Foundations Nanodegree program using an assortment of neural network architectures like MLP, RNN, CNN and GANs.

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To make some worthwhile contribution of my data science skills in the present COVID-19 global pandemic crisis, I participated in this Female Tech Leaders (FTL) Hackathon. The theme of this hackathon was to look at “COVID19 and its Global Effects”. We had to select team members impromptu and come up with a project story.

Link to Certificate of Participation


I completed my master thesis ‘Machine Learning for an Aircraft’s Cabin Air Distribution System’ at Airbus Operations GmbH. The PDF of my Master Thesis Report can be accessed using this link

GitHub Repository of Thesis Works:


I recently started my data science internship at Airbus Operations GmbH, Hamburg in September 2019 and was awarded the opportunity to participate in this ADS-B Hackathon at Airbus Leadership University, Toulouse, France.


I made a presentation on MaskGANs for the seminar Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing in Summer Semester 2018.


On May 12th, 2018 I completed the Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree